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Guide to Missouri Child Support

First, Missouri uses what’s called a standard Form 14 when determining child support amounts to be paid. The Form 14 is a calculation, of which the most important factor being the monthly gross income of each parent.

For example for one child, if the receiving parent’s monthly gross income is $2,000 per month and the paying parent’s income is $3,000, with no other factors included then the child support would be $529 per month.

Second, there are mitigating factors included in the Form 14 including:

-The number of other children in care

-Work-related child care costs

-Health insurance costs

-The time spent overnight with each parent

-If there is spousal support

If we stay with the $2,000 and $3,000 as the example above, however the paying parent also has two other children in their custody then this reduces the amount of monthly child support from $529 per month to $407 per month. However if the receiving parent has other children in their custody this also changes the amount of child support owed.

Another major factor is what’s called the overnight credit. Sticking with the same numbers in our example if the paying parent has the child for 7 overnights per month, with no other children in custody then the $529 per month is mitigated to $450 per month, or it the paying parent has 2 other children in custody and 7 overnight visits per month then child support will be $336 per month.

Finally, child support and Form 14 can be complex calculation which should be analyzed considering all relevant factors and if your attorney is not asking the right questions some of this factors can be overlooked, costing you money.

If you are concerned about child support, either paying or receiving, contact our firm as soon as possible. Our Joplin and Kansas City family law attorneys are experienced and don’t back down fighting for you. We will review your case in a free consultation, explaining all your legal options.

Contact us today at 816-503-6739 or 417-553-4352.

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